A Tweak in Google Images Search Results

Google remains the most popular search engine available, despite the ongoing effort of other Bing, Yahoo, and other platforms. That’s why the company continues to improve its services so that it’ll remain the most popular search engine. They go through a constant update. Lately, it wants to help fashionista in maintaining their style. With Google Images search results, the company wants to assist you in making it easier to search for a new fashion item that you can buy.

Although it’s been slow in providing updates, Google Search is getting better in delivering the information that you need when it comes to fashion straight from search results. Under Image searches for anything related to fashion, Google can now offer style ideas in Google Android app and mobile browsers. For example, when searching for a trouser on Google Images, the search engine will provide you some images of the product. But it adds other ways to make the results more useful by showing a gallery of inspirational photos and outfits. In here, you will find some images that show how people are using the product.

The Goal of Google Images Search Results

The goal of Google is to let users see how an item looks like in real world. In that way, they can easily envision how they could use the thing before they even make a final decision of buying it. But because Google is selling ads, it’ll also show similar items that users can buy.

That means, if you’re searching for shorts, for example, you can find product offers that may suit your preferences. Furthermore, you can also see some bargain options without having to sacrifice your style. The said update looks similar to Pinterest. The reason for this is that of its grid-like format.

Moreover, Google search results provide fashion recommendations according to your search. Pinterest, too, is offering the same feature or tool through its Chrome extension that you can choose an item. From there, you can find similar items on Pinterest. But this feature of Pinterest is only available on mobile. Because of its usefulness, Pinterest may offer it to desktop users at some point.

What does it mean for SEO marketers?

This latest tweak in image search results means that you need to optimize your site’s images. Image search becomes more important today than they were before. That’s why you have to fully optimize them to ensure that your site appears on top of the search results for specific keywords that you are targeting.

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