Google is Still a Long Way to Diversify Workforce

Google is Still a Long Way to Diversify Workforce

Recently, Google released data on its initiative to create a more diversified US workforce. It said that it has more female, black and Latino employees. But the company admitted that it is still falling behind its goal of increasing the population.

In 2015, Google’s population of non-white and non-Asian employees in the US did not move from 2014. It remained at 2 percent for African-Americans, 3 percent for Latinos, and 3 percent for multiracial employees. It has less than one percent of Native American and Pacific Islanders.

Google’s spokesperson said that the numbers do not mirror the company’s goal. Furthermore, the small changes that are not part of the statistics are having an impact. The company admitted that cultural shift could take time.

The other initiatives of the company would include a program that enables Google employees to serve as instructors at black colleges and universities.

The numbers represent the challenges that tech companies are facing. Critics say that they are too white and male-dominated. But Google is not the only tech company that faces such challenge. Twitter and Facebook, too, have similar trends as Google in employing blacks and Latinos. However, Apple has a better number because it has a more diverse population at its retail stores.

But why is diversity important in tech?

Workplace diversity is important as it promotes mutual respect among employees. Having a synergistic work environment has become the norm. Staff and employers recognize the strengths and talents that such workplace offers.

Diversity in the workplace is also vital for employees as it helps in building an excellent reputation for the entire company. It leads to better opportunities for its workers and increased profitability. Diversity within the workplace is vital not just within the organization but also outside of it.

The reputation of any business would flourish when it demonstrates its commitment to diversity through its recruiting efforts. A company that is now on fair employment practices and appreciation for a diverse pool of talents can attract a wider pool of applicants.

Google is Still a Long Way to Diversify Workforce

Another advantage is that businesses can gain loyalty from customers who only choose to do business with companies whose businesses practices involve diversifying its workforce.

For Google, it is still a long way for the company to achieve its goals. Diversity experts said that Silicon Valley companies should be sincere about its attempts to address such issue. They are doing their best. It is true. But they should try harder.