Google SSL (https) Security to become Part of Ranking factors

Google Webmaster online blog announces that Google added new ranking factor SSL website security, also known as https instead of http for the entire website, not just shopping cart/checkout area as it was before.  Simply this means websites that are entirely secured are going to rank much better in search results rather than a website that is not secured. Google wants all website owners to consider how important it is to have a secure site end users.

SSL Google ranking factorIn the last few months we heard several occurrences on hackers from Russian and China who broke into large company’s websites back-end to pull out all of the credit card information, which later sold to people on the black market.

As an SEO Agency we strongly recommend and encourage all website owners to sign up with the SSL certificate and get their websites entirely secured. This is easy conversion and will take half a day all together to get it accomplished. We recommend you sign up with the hosting program that includes free SSL certificate in their package. Our recommended hosting companies are 1and1 hosting or Blue Host.

Process to secure the website may include:

  • -> SSL Installations
  • -> Hosting migration (if changed)
  • -> Link optimization (all of the links on the website have to point to secured site)
  • -> Shopping cart fix
  • -> Sitemap creation and submissions

Googel SSL Algorythem

You might also want to fix your URL on all of your public and social media listings to https instead of http in front for juice linking purposes.

I would recommend you hire a professional web design agency or SEO Expert to help you with securing your online entity.