Google Signed Contract with Twitter to Include it in SERP Results


Finding out and staying on top of all of the latest strategies involved in getting your website and business the best results possible can seem like an impossible task. The rules seem like they are always changing, with search engines like Google changing their criteria all of the time in what is most important in the search results they display. In recent times, Google has changed again to go along with the strong presence of social media today and the role it plays in the life of the Internet consumer. Since Google signed a contract with Twitter to include it in SERP results, your social media pages can play an important role in your web presence.

What are SERP Results?

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Pages and they are what are displayed to a consumer when they perform a particular search on the Internet. When an interested party types keywords into the search engine box on the page, results are generated based on the use of those keywords on web pages. Google has made adjustments over time to place a stronger emphasis on website and web page content over those that might simply be stuffed with a bunch of keywords so that users receive results they are more likely to use. This strategy has been in place for a while but it is only recently that Google has worked more closely with social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and others.

Why Social Media is So Important in Searching

In today’s world social media pages play a much larger role in every Internet user’s life than ever before. People regularly use social media pages for all kinds of things now, including sharing information about products and services they are interested in, making more businesses place a stronger focus on their own social media pages. Google has recognized this and now lists social media pages such as Twitter higher in results listings because of this, making it more important than ever that you maintain quality social media pages.

Ever since Google signed contract with Twitter to include it in SERP results SEO firms have been working with their clients and businesses to help them develop stronger social media pages and presences so they can stay high in the results related to their business niche. If you are looking to get better search results yourself, you may want to seek out the help of a quality SEO company that can advise you on the right strategies to increase and strengthen your social media so you can get the results you are looking for.