Google Showing Mobile Friendly Sites Higher on Mobile Device Search



Mobile browsing is fast gaining popularity. And Google wants to make sure that websites become mobile friendly. Google started ranking mobile friendly sites higher and also highlights them with a mobile friendly tag.

The latest development shows the importance of mobile friendly sites. Recently, Google sent out warnings via email and web master tools to show the flaws in web pages that failed to comply with mobile site norms. They also warn that these sites will not be perceived as mobile friendly by Google and hence they will be ranked and tagged as such for mobile users.

Just when, the number of mobile users is on a rise, these sites will lose their rankings.

Recent survey shows that, 33% of online Christmas shopping was done using mobile.

This is a significant increase from the last year. And no wonder Google wants websites to be mobile friendly. In fact, Google is working on a new algorithm to determine the rank of mobile sites. Already, mobile friendly testing tool and mobile usability report were launched by Google, to help you determine the mobile usability of your site and fix any flaws.

Google bets on the continuing rise of mobile browsing. This manifests itself in the form of warnings, web master tools and a proposed changed in algorithm. In case you have a website that is ranking well on Google it helps to create a mobile variation of the website. You can be safe, when Google decides to change its algorithm.