Google Search Indexing for App-Only Content

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Recently, Google has announced that they’re experimenting with its Google Search tool. Within Android, it can now index and rank content that only exists within the application itself.

Google search indexingApart from that, Google is also experimenting with its ability to stream content from the app without requiring users to download and install the actual app in their smartphones.

App-Only Content

In October 2013, Google began to provide mobile users with search results from surfacing apps. But it only included supported content within the applications that are related to the web version. That said, the only way for Google to link to a particular app is if it had a corresponding web page.

Now, it’s testing project that can index app-only content without corresponding web pages. But Google is only testing nine selected apps. The company didn’t say about expanding the list. It’s because it’s still testing how it’ll impact mobile searches.

What it means for app developers?

It means that they can now enable Google to crawl their app content. But you should provide the company with the right information about your app. For now, it’s only limited to nine publishers of Android apps. However, if Google releases its full version, you may just need to use its app indexing API and the company will do the rest.

Will this feature appear on iOS, too?

Apple does support app-only content searches. However, Google didn’t announce whether or not this capability will also show on iOS devices. They didn’t tell if the same level of functionality will also be experienced by iOS app users.

However, if this experiment would pan out, the indexing can expand and it may also include iOS apps.

How will this feature impact mobile usage?

You may no longer have the need to use your desktop and use the app’s web version just to find the things that you want. According to Google, there’s not enough app-only content available.

This is also great news for app developers as they no longer have to create a web version for its content to be indexed. Some app developers have great apps, but Google search indexingtheir content can only be found in their apps.

The new development might cause some apps to consider app-only links.

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