Google Search Console Search Analytics Data Delayed on Average for 3 Days


Did you notice that your search analytics report isn’t updated anymore? Well, you’re not alone in this. There’s no need to panic, though. It’s not just your data that’s not up-to-date. Some webmasters are experiencing it, too. And Google is trying to fix it.

In the past few weeks, Google Search Console is experiencing issues in keeping data of its search analytics report updated. If you log in now, you might find that the impression and click from the report is days behind. It’s not been updated since the 11th of this month.

This issue had been going on earlier this November, but it has resolved. Now, it’s occurring again.

Google Analytics

Google is trying and working on this problem. By the end of the week, this bug will be analytics

Google Search Console has been a must-have tool for webmasters. Formerly known as Google Webmasters Tools, this tool offers data and preview of various visitor metrics. It essentially provides you information on how Google sees your website.

With this tool, you can check your site’s errors if there are any. Then, see if there are broken pages and know whether or not your site has been indexed.

You can also use this to receive messages from Google about issues that have been taken against your website. It could be about a malware warning, a penalty for bad linking, a detect hack attack, and several others.

Essentially, it’s a tool that every webmaster must use to discover any type of problems that might hurt search result rankings.

Unfortunately, if you’re still new with it, there are a lot of things that you have to learn. Here at SEO Expert Danny, we aim to give our visitors lessons on how to properly use Google’s tools, including the Search Console, in order to improve their site rankings.

SEO Experts

Our staff can teach you how your site will appear on Google SERPs. As we all know, there’s a variety of factors that influenced by search results. We’ll also teach google analyticsyou how to fix those errors that you see on your report, like campaigns that aren’t tracked that must be monitored.

Google Search Console is a valuable tool that allows every business owner with a website to understand his/her customers’ behavior while they’re on the site. But identifying those errors and fixing them isn’t that simple.

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