Useful Google Reviews Features For Online Reputation Management

best reputation management tools
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No business can do without reviews on the internet today. Either it is a mega corporation or a small local business, it is almost mandatory to have at least a basic listing on the main review sites. And Google is the first one you should aim to. There are some particular Google Reviews features that you can capitalize intelligently to benefit your overall online reputation.

A Trusted Nexus Between Users and Your Business

The giant search engine is always in motion when it comes to improve user experience. And of course, Google Reviews are included in these updates. One in particular can be a useful online reputation management tool: the ability of Google to notify users by email when you respond to their reviews.

best reputation management tools

Whether they are positive or negative, responding to your clients reviews is always recommendable. With this new feature, it is much more likely that your responses will be seen online. It’s a good opportunity to revert negative comments or build a stronger relationship with those who have positive things to say about you.

Google Reviews features is on of the best reputation management tools

Another important element is a new search feature on Google Maps for iOS that allows users to filter reviews and look up for specific keywords. This update comes along with the ability to display an estimated wait time for restaurants. So now Google Maps can display an average wait time in the “popular times” section and a drop-down menu and search bar. This allows to sort reviews and even filter them by keywords. For example, if you own a restaurant a user that is interested in your seafood can type “shrimps” and get all your reviews about that sorted by relevance, upload time, etc.

best reputation management tools

New Policies Regarding Anonymous Reviews

Google is also taking particular action on anonymous reviews. More specifically, they have stopped counting them when it comes to a business’ rating. More recently, these unsigned Google Reviews stopped being visible to users in general. This new measure is aligned with popular review sites like Yelp, Angie’s List or Trip Advisor that only allow reviews from registered users.

This new policy is quite positive as it leads to more genuine reviews. Over-critical or even mean feedback can decrease as people would avoid to have their names attached to them. It is also very useful to know exactly who is leaving a comment about your business. You can have a direct reply for them, which makes the whole experience more personalized, and even make things up with a specific person if he or she left a negative review.

Hire Online Reputation Management Experts to Handle These Google Reviews Features

Website Depot has a vast experience taking care of their client’s overall online reputation. We are Certified Google Partners and are always up-to-date when it comes to these and many other Google features. Together, we can get the best from your Digital Marketing tool, make your business grow and stand from the rest.

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