Why Google Penalized my Site

google penalized my site

Google wants its users to have accurate information while browsing. Hence, it tweaks and improves its algorithm continually. That’s why it penalizes sites that do not follow its guidelines. You may ask yourself, “Google penalized my site? Why?” Don’t worry. Our SEO services can help in recovering from a penalty.

Google penalties can be manual or automatic. The penalties, however, can even surprise SEO experts.

Google Penalized my Site

  • You purchased links – Google does not like manipulating PageRank. If you have been purchasing links, then be ready to be penalized.
  • You have excessive reciprocal links – This strategy used to work before, but marketers abused it. Google considered it as a manipulation technique.
  • Duplicate content – It is considered less useful, often resulting in a penalty. Use tools to help you avoid duplicate content.
  • Abusing H1 tags – This abuse could also get your site penalized. Excessive use of H1 tags is considered an attempt to manipulate Google’s ranking.
  • Your site has plenty of internal 404s. If you deliver too many 404s in your site, it can be a sign that your users are not receiving the details they need.
  • Keyword stuffing – Google frowns upon keyword stuffing. High keyword density is a red flag, for Google considers it as a poorly written content. If Google thinks that you use a high number of keywords, it could penalize your site.

These are not the only reasons your site may have received a Google penalty. There are plenty more that could affect your search engine ranking, but our SEO services at SEO Expert Danny can help.

google penalized site

What Can You Do If Your Site Has Been Penalized?

There are plenty of ways to help recover your site from Google penalties.

At SEO Expert Danny, we have our own evaluation process that can assess your site correctly. Our procedure will evaluate the quality of your link building, for example.

You must never panic when you realize that your site has been penalized. Keep in mind that even the most popular sites are prone to penalties.

When it comes to links, we try to disavow them. It is one of the effective techniques to repeal penalties. We use several tools to find troublesome links that may harm your site. Our SEO experts will get your links removed if disavowing does not work on some links.

Should you abandon your site? In rare cases, we recommend leaving a site instead of fighting a penalty. The reason for this is that there is little you can do about it if your site has been thoroughly defamed. Still, remember that most common penalties are fixable.

Although you can still recover from penalties, it is still vital that you do the hard work. Rebuilding your site through an ethical approach is a complex process. That’s why we recommend using our SEO services so your site can begin to rank again.

“Google penalized my site!” Well, want to recover your site from Google penalties? Try one of our SEO services here at SEO Expert. Call us today at  +1 (213) 322-0770.