What is Google Partner?

Google Partner is a program from Google that is meant for online marketer, web professionals, and online agencies. The program is meant to provide useful resources, training, and support for these professionals when they are helping businesses in online issues. In simple terms, this is a program from Google for your SEO expert to help them serve you better. The program was launched early October 2013. For a Google Partner, he or she has the badge on their profile and Google uses this program to connect small business to these trusted Partners.

What is the objective of Google Partners program?

The ultimate goal for the program is to help customers who are mostly business owners to get credible and trusted online services. To achieve this goal, there are three objectives, which should be met through the program. PartnerBadge-Horizontal

First is to provide access to specialized training, updates, and research. As we all know, Google is very dynamic. There are updates every now and then meant to correct or rectify an issue. With the many updates, it is sometime possible to lag behind. In such a case, it would mean not benefiting maximally from the updates. Google Partners have access to these details. Therefore, for the business owner, it is just as if they are working with Google directly, which in fact is the case.

Second is to demonstrate the sites credibility. The Google Partner bade is given to companies that have authentic Google products and have excelled in trading or/and dealing with Google products.  As a result, the Google Partner bade is a “mark of quality”. Such companies have customers who are satisfied with their work, and they observe the right and authentic Google strategies in online marketing.

Third is to enhance the growth of businesses. It is the desire of Google for every business to excel in the online platform. The Google Partner program enhances this by listing Google Partners in search. As a result, they have direct connection to clients. For businesses under a Google Partner, the chances of being ranked highly as well as gaining high online prominence are higher.

Should you consider Google Partner for your businesses

After all is said and done, you can’t avoid this one question. To provide the right answer could mean the difference between increased sales or stagnation. The concern here is, is the business better with Google Partner? Based on the above objectives, it is obvious that the answer is on the positive. Moreover, overlooking Google Partner would mean opting for the guess-working ordinary SEO specialists.