Google Panda Update is Still Rolling Out

Google Panda Update

The latest update of Google Panda is here and it’s making SEO experts more confused.

The search engine giant is getting more and more secretive about its latest algorithm. According to Google, it could take a few months to fully roll out the algorithm.

Even though the update has been available, the immediate impact is unclear. SEO analysts couldn’t see clear signs of a major update for said algorithm.

The Google Panda update will improve how people use the search engine and be given with higher quality, more relevant results.

At this point, the latest update will only affect up to 3% of the queries. Compared to last year’s refresh, this one is quite lower.

Although the tweak has been released 10 months after the 4.1, this doesn’t mean that the company has been inactive.

In fact, it provided two big changes.

First is the mobile-optimized update. It requires sites to be mobile-friendly to maintain its search rankings.

The second update has something to do with sites providing quality content for their readers.

Panda Algorithm Update

The Slow Rollout

The expected Panda 4.2 was implemented on July 18. But the complete update is expected a few months after. The times for Google to release its update have grown longer.

This means that sites that have been hit by the 4.1 update will have more time to modify its SEO settings.

However, once the update is released, changes might be too late as their rankings will be affected. Then again, you shouldn’t make it as an excuse not to improve your site and its content.

Providing Quality Content

After the release of the latest Google Panda updates, your site’s traffic may begin to increase or plummet. If the latter, it’s safe to say that your site has been hit by the update. Google has punished your site. If this is your case, you can’t do anything about it but to focus more on creating better, higher quality content.

By quality content means Google wants you to stay away from keyword stuffing and broken websites.

If you’ve been providing good quality content and avoiding click bait, the latest update should be good news for you. You may not see a sudden jump in your traffic but you can surely expect to experience a healthy growth in your site’s organic rankings.

Google has already confirmed that the latest change on its Update will be implemented very slowly. It would also take months before the entire update will be completed.