Google Page Rank compared to SEOmoz Trust rank

Are you stuck between a rock and a hard place regarding Google page rank and SEOmoz trust rank? If yes, then you are not alone. A couple of my friends, actual the whole lot of those who asked and I are too in this category. These are two terms that are closely confused with each other and not many SEO specialists understand what the two mean. I managed to do research on the two and here I will share with you what each is and give a brief comparison of both.

Google page rank

What is Google page rank? It is simply a numerical value, which ranges between one and ten. It is accorded to any single web page or website. This numerical value represents the strength of the given page or website. In day-to-day activities, page rank is referred to as PR. However, Page Rank should not be confused with the ranking of the given web page on the search engine results page, SERP. The two are very different and it does not mean a page with a high page rank will come above a page with a lower page rank, No. actually, many are the times that page rank can be shown as 0 (zero), but still, it appears top of SERPs.

How is page rank achieved? Google page rank is achieved based on backlinks pointing to a particular website. Basically, the rank checker tool analyzes and calculates the numerical value based on these backlinks. In nonprofessional’s language, page rank can also be referred to as the page authority. Page authority, in this case, will refer to the credibility of the information in the website. For instance, even though there is not much information on page rank from Google, typing “Google Pagerank” on the browser results in millions of results. The first three on the SERP are as shown below

Note: the highest PR is third on the SERPs.

SEOmoz Trust Rank

SEOmoz is currently known as simply Moz and the SEOmoz TrustRank is known as moztrust.

What is moztrust?  It is a link trust score rather than link popularity. Trust in this case is associated with the authenticity of the web page hence they have inherent trust. Some of these pages include.GOV and.EDU pages. Having a link from these sites is regarded as a high trust endorsement for quality content.

How is moztrust score? It is calculated from the idea of six degrees of separation. The calculation is done based on the link “distance” between the linked-up page and the linking page. The linked page in this case can be your website while the linking page is a .EDU website. In Moz terms, the linking page is considered as a “seed” page and it creates “seeded trust”.

Just like Google Page Rank, moztrust is attributed to numerical ranking from zero to ten with ten being the highest possible trust level and zero the least. Page Rank and moztrust are also similar in that both can be improved. To improve Page Rank or moztrust for your website, you have to undertake a bank linking campaign where links to the website are placed in high PR or trust pages.

In conclusion, Google pagerank and moztrust are one and the same thing, only that they are from different companies. However, they are both slowly losing significance.