Google Marketing Strategies

Are you a business owner or services provider looking to bridge the gap between your products and potential clients?  Have you experienced the problematic nature of marketing and advertising your business online? The rapidly growing technology has greatly influenced the 21st-century business world. Marketing has dearly embraced the innovation of the internet and all it has to offer thus changing all the logistics involved. As a business owner or service provider of our time, you, therefore, need to employ innovative business marketing strategies if you hope to stay relevant in the global marketplace and outsmart the competition.

With the right tools and a little knowledge of the technicalities involved your business can realize maximum profits and minimize losses. Google, a world-leading Technology Company that offers internet search and advertising services may just be the magic that your company needs. Various marketing strategies that can be employed using Google have been proven highly successful for both small-scale and large-scale businesses! Google controls a high percentage of all internet traffic and it is, therefore, essential to use the tools that it provides if your business is to succeed in this digital age. You can embrace several Google marketing strategies for your marketing strategies

Google AdWords is a marketing strategy offered by Google. Google AdWords offers a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system. It is site-targeted marketing for text, banners, and rich-media ads. The Google AdWords service gives you the platform to run targeted advertising on the Google search engine for an affordable fee. Links and URLs to your business or services that you offer are displayed on the right-hand column of the Google search result page. This works only if the keywords used in the Google search engine relates to your business. These are collectively known as ads. All you need to do is register with Google AdWords to set up this marketing strategy for your business. The catch about this marketing strategy is that you only pay if there is a click on your ads and there is a constant flow of targeted traffic!

Another Google marketing strategy is Google Places Listing. To create your business’s Places page Google spiders or robotics will crawl the Web and find information about your business from a variety of third-party sources, including Yelp and Yellow Pages. In order to set up your Google Places listing, you are required to provide a brief description of your business, your contact information (phone number and street address), a visual representation of your business, and a coupon or any special offer you want to advertise. Once you have set up the listing, it is essential to fill out all the relevant information about your business including working hours, payment options, categories, and any other additional details. This will not only help clients navigate your page but will also help your business Place remain prominent in Google’s organic ranking.

Social media has become a force to be reckoned with and an integral tool when it comes to online marketing. Although Facebook has taken the world by storm, Google Plus by Google Inc. is the latest player in the game. Since its innovation, Google+ has proved to be a great business-marketing tool for many small-scale business owners. It is the perfect blend of social networks like Facebook and professional networks like LinkedIn. On Google+, you can share links, photos and promotions with customers or friends. Your posts G+ can be made public for people to find through searching or you can make available to only those in your Circle. Chat forums are also available for you to interact with prospective clients.

A recently introduced feature Google Pages is similar to the Facebook Fan page and allows you to create your business page and to dynamically interact with your customers and larger network more efficiently. As characteristic with all social networks, word spreads quickly like wildfire. Google’s +1 button helps market your business to greater heights as it allows customers to share their experiences about the services you offer. The +1 button is similar to the Facebook Like button and makes it easier for your customers to start conversations with those in their circles while also giving requisite recommendations to your business. Additionally, these +1 recommendations reflect on Google search to bring in more clients searching for your business.