Google Launches Basic Antivirus Features To Its Chrome For Windows

Anti Virus FeaturesAntivirus software isn’t perfect. You’ll have to perform a trial and error to find out what can work for your system. Still, Google launches Basic Antivirus features as an attempt to make things easier for you. The built-in antivirus program offers a new way to check if the settings have been hacked through a rogue extension. From there, it can suggest ideas on how to get them back to normal.

Google also redesigned its Cleanup tool. Currently, it is easier to use, and it removes harmful apps automatically by just pressing a button. As it partnered with ESET, an IT security firm, the browser becomes more powerful than other options. Despite its many benefits, Google stated that the antivirus features couldn’t catch all viruses. In other words, you must not treat it as a catch-all solution. Instead, it only removes extensions that violate the Unwanted Software Policy of the company. Thus, you must not uninstall your antivirus program on your computer.

Then again, the addition allows Google Chrome users to have a little peace of mind while browsing the web. Those who are not tech-savvy will never have to call tech support because Google search is no longer working.

Why is Google Chrome popular?

Chrome focuses on usability and minimalism. That’s why other browsers followed suit. But Chrome wasn’t as easy as it is today. Before, it was also full of clutter. It was difficult to find and set your preferences. But Google changed it to make it more concise. Furthermore, Chrome is faster than other browsers. Thanks to its use of Javascript engine and rendering engine. Although Google Chrome is an open-source product, it has an Internet Technology company that is behind it, i.e. Google.

Another reason for its popularity is that it has its own extension system. Creating extensions are easy. Google provides documentation to help you out. The company did a great job in offering its users a modern browser. Furthermore, Chrome is integrated with search. Most Internet users opt for Chrome because of its Google search integration. You can search anything straight from the URL bar. Furthermore, it offers suggestions immediately, which is truly a great advantage over Firefox or Opera. Plus, it uses search mechanisms that ensure you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Although IE 10 has been released, Google Chrome remains more popular among Internet users.

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