Google Launched Shop the Look

Google Launched Shop the Look

Most of the content today lives in a social app, such as Instagram or Snapchat. It’s a threat to Google Search because it can’t be indexed to show in Google’s SERPs.

Although Google can manage to pull content from a social network, it’s impossible for its algorithm to extract context from a photo, which is important for Google in monetizing searches with ads.

But such an issue can now be resolved, at least for the fashion-related content. Google just introduced the Shop the Look. It’s a feature that brings those outfits published by fashion bloggers into the search results.

Where it gets content?

Google will get its content from It’s a company that allows fashion bloggers to generate money from their social posts. They send an affiliate link to influencers where they can buy the products, which are featured in their social posts.

For example, if someone likes a photo of an outfit on Instagram, the said service will send that person an email with links where they can purchase all pieces of clothing in the image.

So, when users search for an outfit through Google, they’ll get images from social influencers that match the outfit description. When users choose an image, the platform pulls up a gallery with every item of clothing in the photo and the link where they can purchase it.

Google Launched Shop the Look

Google will also integrate Shop the Look with the Shopping campaign ad product. With this feature, retailers can create an ad for a piece of clothing to appear in Google search results.

It’s a big move for the tech giant as it can take a portion of traffic from Instagram. This feature is also significant for the fashion influencers who are using and other similar platforms to make an income. When their content and affiliate link appear in search results, the content will be seen by a lot of people.

What’s the revenue sharing agreement?

The distribution of revenue hasn’t been finalized yet. After all, the partnership is still new. However, we can assume that if someone purchased an item on Google through the affiliate link, the revenue would be divided among Google, Rewardstyle, and the influencer who created the content.

With this feature, you can now easily shop for clothes. The next time you need an outfit for a certain occasion, you don’t have to go to Instagram or Pinterest. All you have to do is go to and search for the right outfit.