Google Featured Search Snippets May Increase Traffic Up To 900%

Google Introduces Structured Snippets in Search Results

User’s way of searching for something has changed dramatically in recent years. Thanks to the increasing popularity of voice and mobile search. To make the world’s information more useful and accessible, Google provided its users Featured Search Snippets.

When your site appears on Google’s Featured Snippet, it’ll increase your traffic by up to 900%. But what can you do for your site to appear on featured snippet?

SEO StrategiesComplex question queries

Featured Snippet of Google is designed to help users find the answer quickly. In other words, they don’t have to click around, browse a lot of sites before they can get the answer they need. That said, you just give the users the answer they need to their question.

When searching for the right keywords, you should look for question keywords that you can answer with in-depth content. If there are posts that might be similar to yours, make sure that your post is better than anyone else.

On the other hand, if you choose to answer a simple question that has already been answered many times online, Google may not choose you to appear in its feature.

Give readers a summary

Your in-depth content can be too long for your visitors to read. That said, it’s best to give them a summary of what they can learn from your post. This will give your visitors and Google something that they can scan. If your content offers the best answer to complex questions, it’ll pop in the Featured Snippet.

How? Make sure that you place the question you’re targeting directly in the content. Then, include a phrase to the question to a complete sentence in your content. You should also consider looking for variations of the keywords in question form and include them in your content.

Try the related searches

Pretty sure you’ve used Google to search for something and you’ve noticed that the search engine makes a suggestion while you start typing. At SEO Expert Danny, we’ve found that inserting these related keywords in your content can also signal Google that your post is relevant to the question or inquiry. It won’t only increase traffic, but it’ll also improve rankings.SEO Strategies

It’s also ideal that you look into Google’s People Also Ask feature. This is the company’s way of telling you that your target market also wants that information. And Google wants you to provide that information to the users. Answering those questions will help you appear, not just in Google Featured Search Snippets but also into the Answer Box.