Google Chooses Shutterstock for Its Ad Products Images

Google Chooses Shutterstock for Its Ad Products Images

Recently, Google chose Shutterstock, a global provider of licensed images, videos, and music, to deliver images with its Google Advertising products. This picture licensing deal will allow users of Adsense, Adwords, Admob and other advertising products access to the provider’s collection of millions of images for license.

The API technology of Shutterstock can be easily integrated with the ad platform to enhance advertisements using high-quality images. This API integration can boost the mission of the Internet giant to offer businesses quick and impactful ad format. With that in mind, as an ad platform user, you can easily find professional images to your ad copy.

The provider’s scalable API enables Google to test the performance of images with copy that can be done directly within the advertising products.

To optimize the said API integration, you need to create an ad campaign that focuses on your target customers. That is, you must choose the right keywords and opt for eye-catching images related to your business or what you are advertising.

You can start by using broad match keywords. Then, monitor them for their performance, from there you can refine your keyword selection using a phrase or exact match.

But you also need to add negative keywords to ensure that keywords not related to your ad campaign will not appear.

Then, don’t forget to A/B test your keywords or ads. What’s interesting about the integration is that you can now access high-resolution images that span across verticals and categories. With that in mind, your ad will have more emotion. Your ad with a picture may also help in capturing your brand’s spirit.

Google will automatically determine which ad with an image from Shutterstock that resonates best with your target customers. Once that is identified, Google will continue to present it to your prospective customers.

Google Chooses Shutterstock for Its Ad Products Images

Of course, you can always edit your ads based on their performance. Tweak them in a way that will help in achieving your goals. You can also monitor the number of clicks and impressions on your ads to know which images are performing the best. Thanks to Shutterstock integration.

Digital advertising continuous to change. It has become more complicated because companies use it to advertise their products and services. The integration will provide Google ad platform users access to captivating images and test the ads intuitively to take the guesswork out of creating an ad.

But Google is not the only company that integrates Shutterstock’s API to its platform. AOL, Sprinklr, and Salesforce are just three of the many enterprises that use such API into their products.