Google: Bolded Text Can Help SEO But…

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Every time the clients of our SEO company in Los Angeles would ask us why we bold some of the texts in their pages, we tell them that it’s good for SEO. Unfortunately, this practice has been frowned upon by other SEO experts. Now, Google’s John Meuller has reaffirmed that bolded text can help SEO but it may not skyrocket your rankings.Website Depot inc

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Yes, we’re right after all. Bolding text and other key points in a paragraph can help SEO. However, it’s not a definite solution for your site’s ranking. It’s especially true if you bold everything on your page. Doing so will not do any good to your content, page, or ranking.Website Depot inc

In this video, you can see at the 40:23 mark that John affirmed it. “Does bolding the key points on the paragraph help SEO? Yes, it does.” John also mentioned Matt’s video in 2013 about the bold and strong tag. He said that, in general, Google tries to understand what the content of the page is all about. Its crawlers will look for different things to find out what is being emphasized on that page. They look for page titles and headings. It also includes things such as bold in the text.Website Depot inc

John added that bolded text could add a little extra value. It offers a clear indication to the crawlers that this bolded text can sum up what the content is all about. However, if you go and make your whole page bold, then it won’t do a thing. Google will think that nothing is special in there because it’s all the same.Website Depot inc

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In that case, you only need to bold a handful of phrases or words throughout the page. Choose those words that really matter to the content. And this is why bolding keywords make sense because it tells the crawlers what the page is truly about. Basically, what Google is saying is that bolding is essentially semantic HTML. It is giving a page a little more meaning. It’s like using the right markup for the page. From Google’s point of view, it does help the crawlers understand the page a bit better.Website Depot inc

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To sum it up, bolding can do wonders only if it is done right. That is, you should only bold that can tell Google what’s important on that page. So, if you’re writing about search engine optimization in Los Angeles, you need to bolden these terms once or thrice on the page but don’t overdo it.Website Depot inc

It may not directly help your site’s ranking but it can make your content or page more readable to the user and Google’s crawlers will have a better understanding of your content. What you can do now is bold the keywords you’re targeting and other things that can sum up what the page is all about.Website Depot inc