Google Approves Responsive Design

responsive design
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Your responsive design can make a huge difference when it comes to boosting conversions on your site. Smart marketers know it. 

Clever Marketers Choose Responsive Design 

Marketing your website does not just involve SEO and social media. Rather, it starts with web designing. 

Building an excellent responsive website is often overlooked. Keep in mind though that web designing is not just about having a pretty site. Rather, it is also about offering your audience what it wants without disrupting the screen. It can make or break your conversion rates. 

In 2015, Google introduced a huge change to its search engine algorithms. That is, it included mobile presence as one of the ranking factors. With that in mind, it is vital to have a responsive design. 

responsive design

By responsive design, it means that it needs to be user-friendly on a smartphone. Avoiding it may lead to your site losing a lot of leads and sales. 

A site that is not optimized for smaller screens will lead to a decline in the search engine rankings. The site will not be found online. Remember that more than 60% of the searches are coming from a mobile device. 

In that case, it is no longer an option. Rather, it becomes a requirement. 

It guarantees that the user will have the best experience on your site. And this is one of the reasons Google approves it. 

Keep in mind that Google only wants the best for its users. And if the users are happy when they land on your site after finding you on the search engine, then it might help with your ranking. 

The Google algorithm update boosts visibility on search engines. Thus, your site will appear in search results on top of the sites without such a feature. 

Vital for Business 

Responsive design increases reach to customers and clients, especially on tablets and other smaller devices. It offers a consistent experience, thereby, increasing lead generation and conversions. 

You may test your site to find out how easy it is for your visitors to use your page while they are on a mobile device. 

But having a responsive design is not enough to boost conversions. You should also limit decisions. That is, your users should have limited choices. 

One of the things that you can cut back on your site is the navigation bar. Make sure that your visitors will not experience too many links to choose from. If you provide them those, then they will lose interest in them. 

You should also ensure that your site loads quickly. Keep in mind that Google also considers page speed as a ranking factor. 

Your users are impatient. A delay of one second can result in a reduction in conversions. Thus, make sure that your loading speed is fast. 

It is also vital that you utilize negative space. It makes your suite more readable and usable. 

And when designing a responsive site, you must follow the eight-second rule. That is the length of the human attention span. Thus, make sure that you maximize those seconds. 

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