How Google Algorithm Conversion Affects Paid Search?

How Google Algorithm Conversion Affects Paid Search

Google, the search engine giant, constantly updates its search algorithm. It does so because it wants the users to have the most useful results possible when they use Google search. Every year, Google makes more than 500 minor changes and some dozen major updates to stop spammers. These changes also aim to provide users what they really want to find.

But you may ask if the frequent algorithm conversion affects paid search?

Some experts would say that the recent changes won’t have an impact on the paid search while others are claiming that the changes would affect websites negatively.

Paid search is something of a mystery to marketers. The reason for this is that Google doesn’t necessarily disclose the changes it implements. Despite that, businesses can still rely on paid search and take action to updates.

Your pay-per-click advertising won’t be affected if Google rolls out changes in organic search. That means if your site is ranking low organically, the natural search algorithm will have no effect on your PPC campaigns.

However, the position of your campaign on the paid search results page is vital. The closer your ad appears on the page, the better chances of attracting the attention of potential clients. As a result, you’ll generate more clicks to your landing page.

Your campaign must be at the higher position to significantly receive greater click-through rates than those ads found at the bottom of the paid listings.

Adwords Quality Score

Unfortunately, Google is tight-lipped about how it calculates quality score. However, it’s clear to marketers that the score affects paid search on every level. But the calculation of the score will include factors such as search terms, quality of landing pages, CTR of keywords over time, and several others.

How GAC Affects Paid Search

High-Quality Content

The exact details of Google’s algorithm are not made public. But it’s clear that paid search campaigns can take advantage of having high-quality content on landing pages

The recent algorithm changes bent toward relevancy and accuracy elevated the significant of landing page quality in quality score. And that indeed affects the overall success of an Adwords campaign. Google links landing pages based on quality of the content and their relevance to the associated keywords.

Google is also said to track how often users return to Google search page after going to a particular landing page. It’s an indication that they didn’t find the landing page as relevant to their intended search.

If you wish to improve your paid search campaign and survive the recent Google algorithm updates, you should consult an expert.