Golden Rule of SEO: Stop Writing Forgettable Content

Golden Rule of SEO
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Increasing your ranking on Google Index is no longer a matter of producing relevant content. There’s a golden rule of SEO that says that content has to add value to the reader. Do you find that your website’s visitors often comment, share your content through social media, and post links to your website on their own platforms? Or do they come and go after lingering for several seconds, just enough to see that your website offers them nothing of value?

Writing SEO content, it can be easy to forget that you are communicating with actual humans. The main point of your content is not to increase your PageRank. Yes, you read that correctly. All that stuff is secondary. The main point of your content is to make the lives of your readers better than before they stumbled onto your webpage.

So what are you offering to make that improvement? Are you writing self-serving, meaningfulness ramble? Or do you genuinely care about the lives of your readers, and how you can add more value to it? Here are some ways to gauge the quality of your content:

Golden Rule of SEO


Although increasing the word count of your posts doesn’t automatically make your content of better quality, it is a step in the right direction. You might think to yourself that most readers are overstimulated, and stay clear of long posts. However, that can easily be mitigated by cleaning up your writing and using subheadings.

Likewise, don’t be afraid to create short, to-the-point posts. With proper use of multimedia, your word count can be significantly reduced without affecting the content of your work.

Natural Keyword Usage

Using keywords in your content is key in SEO writing. However, content oversaturated with keywords is the quickest way to turn readers off to your content, and to make them mistrust you, (and by proxy, your product). Come up with the keyword you want to use, and use it sparingly.

Address All Sides

Instead of writing from a single perspective, tap into your reader’s mind and come up with all the questions they may have about your post. For instance, if you are selling a product, don’t write that your product is great. Back it up with evidence. Even more, what makes your product better than that of your competitors? Elaborate, use anecdotes and empirical evidence. Whatever you may need to convince your readers that what you write is the real deal.

Going beyond this golden rule of SEO

Writing quality content is not easy, but it’s an important step in SEO. If you need help creating quality content for your website, reach out to our team of skilled writers at Website Depot.