Getting To Know Expanded Policy of Google – What It Means For SEO Agencies

SEO Agencies

Google announced that it’s going to expand its hate-speech policy. This move would address issues about ads found in inappropriate content online. Even though the company updates its policies regularly, this particular update is a significant one as it may affect digital marketers.

The new harmful content guidelines

One of the reasons Google changed its content guidelines is to guard its platform against explicit content. It’s also changing the policies to stop the spread of fake news in its social media and search results. The Hill reported that Google prohibited more than 200 publishers from appearing in its search results. The implementation of new policies aims to create more positive Internet. Google’s new policies address a more toxic online environment. We can all agree that a significant amount of content is at the edge of hate speech. The changes, however, broaden its definition of what hate speech is. The new policies about hate speech would now include immigrants and refugees and its language guidelines.

SEO Agencies

What does it mean for SEO agencies?

It means that digital marketers have to be more choosy in accepting new clients. But how should SEO companies choose a good client? Should they apply ethical judgments? Would the decision depend on the company’s code of ethics or should they leave it up to Google? Several businesses now are looking for SEO services. Google released guidelines for firms that are looking for SEO company. SEO agencies can use those guidelines to choose potential clients.

Here at Website Depot, we follow those policies to help us choose good clients based on what Google deems as good clients. It helps us in making sure that there are no personal biases in making our decision. In other words, as long as our clients meet the policy and they don’t violate Google Adwords, we’ll accept them.

New Google Policies

Google dislikes content about counterfeit products, dangerous items or services about recreational drugs or firearms. It also doesn’t like content that encourages a dishonest behavior. However, these policies will soon get an update. As a result, SEO agencies would have a more extensive resource in determining what clients to take on. But will the new policies of Google create a safer Internet? As digital marketers, it’s not our responsibility to answer it. Rather, it’s our role to help our clients to get into the search engine results page. Because digital marketers follow the guidelines of Google, it’s highly likely that the Internet will be a better place as it offers better content with no hate speech. Contact our SEO experts for more information at (213) 322-0770.