Getting Tech Right: The Engine for Your Business 

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“Having a business without an optimized website is like having a car without an engine.” 

That’s probably not the exact quote, but I remember that there was something like that on the Website Depot page when I first came to work at the company. 

I always found that analogy fascinating, if a bit limited in scope. 

The truth is that having a business without proper social media is like a car without four working wheels. A business without quality SEO strategies is like a car without working brakes… you get the idea. Only by having everything working together, in tandem, does the car (i.e. your business) actually get anywhere. 

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Getting the Most Out of Your Tech 


There are many frustrations that come along with being a small business owner. 

One of the more recent ones is posting something you love, whether it’s a blog, video, post, or anything else, and having it get no interaction whatsoever. 

This is not exactly something that your parents nor your ancestors in the small business game had to deal with. 

Reaching an audience and building it is different than it was in the past. 

There are technical aspects involved that didn’t exist just a few years ago (if not months). Like any other kind of advancement, they provide opportunities as well as challenges. If you don’t take advantage of them, someone else in your industry will. 

We can’t build you an enormous base of customers overnight. (Anyone who tells you they can is lying, unscrupulous, or a combination of both.) What we can do is use all of the tools to help you to build something that’s right for your company. 

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Understanding the Tech So that You Can Focus on What you Want 


The sheer amount of time that goes into running a small business is incredible. Even if you’ve done everything you can to separate “work” from “free time,” you’re going to find that the “work” time always bleeds in. 

That’s just one more reason that it’s so important to get as much as you can out of every resource. 

This includes your website, social media, SEO, Google Ads, all of it. 

To continue the analogy of comparing your business to a vehicle, you want a mechanic you can trust. 

You don’t want to have one person handling the engine, another the dash, and so forth. 

The same goes for your business. Hiring someone to do your social media, someone else to do your SEO, Google Ads, and more, can get cost-prohibitive, to say nothing of keeping them all on brand. 

Here at Website Depot, we’re a team. We work together. Moreover, we work together on your project. That way, the person doing your social media, the person doing your web design, and more, we’re all on the same page, all in contact with each other. 

Through this, everything is presented as one. 

This doesn’t mean that you’re unable to post your own social media or something. But, it does mean that you aren’t limited to just that. By having us at your side, we can boost and bolster your efforts. 


Posting online for your business without having all of the tech requirements taken care of is very much like sitting in a car without an engine, putting the pedal down, and wondering why you’re not going anywhere. 


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