Getting More (and Doing More With) Your Testimonials 

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“Folks like what we offer. We just can’t seem to find a way to let more people know about it.” 

That may be one of the most common complaints of prospective clients. 

As a business owner, it can be utterly maddening. 

You’re good at what you do, you work hard, and yet, something doesn’t quite add up. 

The good news is: you have everything you need to grow. 

One often-overlooked weapon in your arsenal: testimonials. 

They’ve been a powerful tool in our search engine marketing for lawyers, rehab facilities, and others. 

Getting them and using them properly can help your company to reach that many more people. 



Great Way to Acquire More Testimonials 



I’d love to make it more complicated, but it really isn’t. 

That said, you don’t have to specifically say: “Hello, gentle customer. Please give us a positive testimonial.” 

Rather, make it a promotion. 

Give them something. You don’t have to use the word “testimonial” anywhere in there (and indeed, you shouldn’t). 

“Leave a review, get a free gift.” “Tell us what you thought about our product, get a discount next time.” “For a limited time, leaving a review will unlock special prizes” – all that kind of thing. 

Then, you can get plenty of testimonials. 

Indeed, we’ve helped several of our clients to increase the number they already had like that. You may want to give folks an example, even if it’s a testimonial that you have to write down from what you remember a customer saying. 

Once you have the testimonials, that’s really the first part. 



Now That You’ve Got Them… 


Reading and/or hearing customers/clients tell you how wonderful your company is can be great. 

That said, there’s so, so much more you could do with it than just the ego boost. 

First: listen. Really read testimonials from your customers/clients. 

In that, if nothing else, you’ll find new, innovative ways to market your business; messages you could utilize. 

Sure, some will just be non-stop praise. But, even in those, you might be able to find a way to tweak your marketing. 

Beyond that, once you have someone’s testimonial, you can use it on your site. Social media posts, content marketing, ads, and more – there’s no limit to what you can do with testimonials. In fact, many of our clients received video testimonials, which they can then post (with the permission of the person who sent them.) 

When utilizing someone’s testimonial, make sure that it resonates with the message that you want to send out right now. 

If it doesn’t exactly fit, you can save it for a later date/more appropriate time. 

As an (obvious) example, you may have received a wonderful testimonial from a customer who was very satisfied with your delivery service. However, as more people are going outside in many places, you may want to put more emphasis on your dine-in service. 

So, you can save that “delivery” one for another time. 

Perhaps the best part of this is that you can keep doing it. 

You can always get more testimonials from your satisfied customers, and then turn that into getting, well, more satisfied customers. 

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