Getting to Know Click-to-Call of Google

Getting to Know Click to Call of Google

The click-to-call of Google is a web-based communication implemented on websites. A person who’s visiting your site clicks on an object, for instance, to request a connection through a phone call, text or VOIP.

In 2010, Google launched its call extensions that include a click-to-call feature. It’s a feature that allows advertisers to add their location-specific phone numbers on their ads. These are viewed on mobile devices with Internet capabilities.

In 2016, Google introduced click-to-call function in organic search results. This new feature appears in search results, which are relevant to the user searching for paid and non-paid ads.

When a user enters a phrase about a business or a service, the results will provide relevant websites with a phone number. The number appears just beneath the title of the page and its meta description.

The phone number is in hyperlink form. When the user clicks it, the calling process begins, thereby, connecting the user to the selected business.

As a marketer, you can use a click-to-call feature to engage with your customers and sell your goods and services. Google makes it easier for potential customers to obtain the contact number of the business so they can make a purchase decision.

With a click-to-call feature on your add, it makes your business more credible to the eyes of your target customers. Users can have an immediate human connection with the business or place.

Because this feature is only available on mobile devices, it only makes sense to change your settings to have your number show up only on mobile devices.

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You’re also allowed to set specific hours when users can contact you through this feature. Then, the cost of this feature is the same as the price of click-to-fist the website feature.

The use of this feature will help you track calls and find out which questions come up frequently and what answers of communication will result in a sale.

Is it effective?

A click-to-call feature of Google is effective as it allows a user to call a business right through the search results page. Most users, these days, expect quick access to communication with their preferred brands and companies without making much effort.

This feature is beneficial to local services as it offers easy one-on-one communication with their potential customers.

Surely, this feature becomes one of the most effective ways to advertise your brand to smartphone users. It’s one of the best ways to increase your revenue while you maintain a human connection with your target market.