Get Your Website Ranked on the Top Search Results

Top Search Results

If you started your website more than 10 years ago, then you would know that getting found on Top Search Results was a piece of cake.  You just needed to choose the right domain, perform keyword search, create tags, write at least 250-word articles per week and expect best results.

But that was a decade ago. Those tricks will not give you the same results today.


1. Learn SEO

SEO is still the most important element in getting your website ranked higher on search results. But you must only attack it when you have a plan. You need to perform research and segment your audience.

Make your goals realistic and ensure that you have implemented tracking tools to measure your efforts and compare them to your results.

Your goal here is to make your online presence worthy of attention.

2. Structure your site properly

Structure it around the topics that you intend to discuss. Thus, you have to make sure that the content is distinct. In this way, search engines will have an easier time identifying your expertise and rank you appropriately based on the topics you discuss.

3. Make quality content

Writing high-quality content is essential for the Top Search Results. But it must load quickly. You also need to watch out for your backlinks as Google considers them as essential in giving your site a certain rank.

To maintain a good solid ranking, you should acquire steady backlinks and add rich media, besides publishing good content.

Do not focus too much on keywords. Instead, you should concentrate on providing your audience with quality content.

4. Make your site responsive

Google has made it clear that a site that offers the best mobile experience will rank higher. Although you can make a mobile version of your site, Google likes a site that uses the same technology, elements, and URL.

Having a responsive design that can work well across all devices is considered a best practice by Google.

5. Write enough content

The reality is that there is no ideal length when it comes to creating the right content to get rank highly on Google.

What you must focus on is your post’s uniqueness and value to your users.

Some SEO experts do recommend making 2,000-word articles to rank higher. But you still have to determine whether or not the topic needs such length. If you can write your ideas about that topic in 100 words, then write it down in that length.

Search engines also put great value on the number of times you publish posts to your website. The more frequently you publish, the more frequently search engines check your site. This is great for your ranking.

6. Get help from a professional

A little knowledge of SEO and other tactics on how to get your site ranked higher can be dangerous to your campaign. If you are not an expert, your site could get penalized or banned.

Website Depot has earned a Google Certified Partner badge. It is given to only a few advertising companies. This badge means that we are equipped with the right knowledge in handling search engine optimization. We have the right tools to be up-to-date about the latest strategies in making websites rank higher.

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