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Certified Google Partner
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Some time back, Google at last announced release of its new scrupulous certification program via different emails, which is somewhat a timely move.

Many agencies and individuals look forward to doing amazing things on PPC accounts just after attaining basic AdWords certification. However, it takes more to get thoroughly equipped on how to operate an AdWords account. This is along with strategizing towards improving data-based performance better for the concerned account. The facets involved in PPC keep changing time and again and it is crucial to keep up to date on them.

Google has taken additional steps to allow potential advertisers know further about the eligibility of the agencies and individuals they seek to provide them AdWords support. The software company offers advanced exams for such entities, making it possible for agencies to become Certified Google Partner.

Certified Google Partner status can only be achieved by agencies or companies. Individuals can by contrast get individually qualified, yet it is they who make agencies attain Certified Partnership.

Obtaining AdWords Certified Partner is proof of your expertise on AdWords management to businesses seeking SEM/PPC assistance. As well, it shows that you have passed more rigorous Google testing standards to become a highly-qualified PPC professional or entity.

Benefits of AdWords Certified Partnership

Several gains come with being an AdWords Certified Partner. First, the company or individual is free to setup Professional Profile page accessible to prospects searching on recently released Google Partner Search page.

Next is a new special badge for display on marketing and website materials. It distinguishes your firm from other entities only proficient in basic AdWords and that display the AdWords Qualified Company badge that is much older.

Qualified members also get AdWords promotional coupons each worth $100 that applicable for new accounts only. These coupons are fairly small but afford incentive to certain smaller businesses which may hesitate to initiate advertising endeavors via AdWords.

Another advantage Google Certified Partners gain is ability of applying the pricing they prefer on AdWords API costs on a Google website. As well, individually qualified persons receive a printable certificate which can be prominently displayed on the desk. You may access this on Google Partners login. A link showing your profile and certification is available too, which you can share online with interested parties.

The entire certification program rebranded as “Google Partners” now is displayed at the Google Partners website. Three exams are present here, which are Advertising Fundamentals, Advanced Display and Advanced Search. Advertising Fundamentals is obligatory and to get certified, one has to pass two units out of the total three.