How to Get out of Google Penalty?

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Did your website suffer from a severe loss of organic traffic? It’s most likely that your site has been hit by the latest update of Google algorithm. So, is there a way for your site to get out of that penalty?

Be organized

There’s no way for Google to fix your penalty manually. John Mueller said that the only way to remove the penalty was through the next update for its algorithm. That said, the only thing that you can do is to look into the problem and conduct a thorough cleaning of your portfolio links. Then, wait for the next update.

You may use an Excel spreadsheet to help you get organized and find those abnormalities that could be the culprit.

Look into the penalized keywords

Google won’t tell you exactly why your site has been penalized. To know the cause of the traffic loss on your site, you must know the keywords that have caused the traffic decline. Finding those penalized keywords can be time-consuming. But it’s worth your every effort.

Get out of Google Penalty

Find all backlinks

Most of the reasons Google has penalized websites are their backlinks. To find your site’s backlinks, use the Google Webmaster Tools. Then, look into the “Links to Your Site” option. Once you have identified all of your site’s backlinks, try to determine the bad links.

Ensure that you remove those links that aren’t related to your site or with very thin content. It’s also essential that you remove the links coming from a site with auto-approved blog comments. Avoid getting links from a website with thousands of do follow links that offer no value to the users. It won’t make sense to have a link from those sites. Try to remove them or disavow those links.

One of the ways that you can do to remove those bad links is to email the site’s webmaster. When emailing, ensure that you’re polite and use your company’s email address. It will give the webmaster an assurance that you’re the real owner of the site.

Now, if the webmaster doesn’t respond for some reason, you may use the disavow tool of Google to remove the remaining bad links. It takes up to four weeks for the report to be acknowledged and processed.

Getting rid of a Google penalty can be done. But it takes a lot of time and effort. If you wish to remove those bad links without going through those steps mentioned above, allow us to help you. The services of Website Depot Inc can help you get out of Google penalty while you focus on how to improve your products and services.