GBoard – How It Will Affect SEO?

GBoard How It Will Affect SEO

Some SEO experts consider GBoard as a new SERP. It’s a search engine results page that’s generated by the new keyboard of Google for iOS.

Released weeks ago, Gboard flipped search results 90 degrees. It displays new horizontal format and the how the results are shown may differ from the regular mobile search listings.

But will Gboard search results affect SEO?

The rankings on Gboard are based on the same algorithm that’s being used in Google mobile search results. But when you try to compare the search results when you use a mobile browser and Gboard, you’ll find differences.

According to Rajan Patel, the principal engineer who oversees mobile search on Google, Gboard prefers direct answers. For example, a site’s knowledge graph answer might be found midway in mobile results, but it might be on top of the listing on Gboard.

Keyboard-based searchers are usually doing sharing activity. That said, Google would assume that news stories may be more useful to them. Furthermore, mobile results may show news that favors AMP articles but Gboard doesn’t. That’s because you’re not viewing results within that keyboard but you’re actually sharing them.

How does Gboard search results look like?

Google presents its search results on Gboard without ads. The company doesn’t have plans on adding one, just yet. Gboard may ignore AMP carousel and will, instead, show non-AMP listing. Plus, it doesn’t have Twitter or Apps listings.

When you perform local searches, the local-oriented searches are mostly unchanged. It means that you can see star ratings and the option to call the business or get help with directions. And when you tap the call icon, your iPhone will place a call to that business.

GBoard Affect SEO

Another difference is that Gboard search results don’t show shopping results. It means that paid shopping ads are entirely out in Gboard. That’s because Google doesn’t show paid search listings.


Gboard doesn’t have long-term memory. It means that it reduces the customization of search results. It’s one of the reasons mobile search results and the results on Gboard are entirely different.

In other words, conducting research through Gboard is treated as if you’re an anonymous person. However, it can make personalization if you perform several searches in a row. For instance, if you search for weight loss, and then conduct another research for a protein shake, the keyboard will look at your previous search to turn your search into weight loss protein shake.

But once you close the app, that short-term history is also gone.