How Should You Fully Optimize Your Site?

How Should You Fully Optimize Your Site

SEO’s goal is not to cheat the search engine. Rather, its purpose is to create the seamless user experience. It is also used to communicate your site’s intentions to the search engines. In that way, they can recommend it for relevant searches.

Understanding SEO Exactly

Your site can be compared to a cake. Links, paid search and social media are the icing on the cake. However, your content and infrastructure are what make the cake. That is, without these elements, the cake will be tasteless and boring.

What Search Engines Look For?

Google and other search engines want to refer their users to the content that is most relevant to their search. But how do they determine the relevancy of a site?

The first thing they look into is the content. It identifies the theme, text, the title, and description. Then, it determines your site’s performance and speed. The authority of your site is also evaluated to know whether or not you have enough content to link to. Search engines also evaluate it if other authoritative sites are using your content as a reference.

Finally, they measure user experience. It is not just the look of your site, but it measures how easy it is to navigate around. They also want to know whether or not it is safe to visit your site.

What Search Engines Hate?

They do not like to rank a site that utilizes keyword stuffing strategy. If you purchased links, search engines would know. They do not want that either.

How Should You Fully Optimize Your Site

If your site has poor user experience, they will never rank your site. Your website should be easy for your visitors to get around. If there are several ads, they make it too difficult for your visitors to find your content. As a result, they leave your site immediately, thereby, increasing your bounce rate.

Use Multiple Channels

Keyword strategy is not only ideal for your on-site SEO technique. Rather, it is also vital in your offsite strategies. For that reason, you must use other channels to promote your content. These channels will include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email, among others.

Then, make sure that you use the keyword phrases relevant to your site on those platforms. In this way, you are improving your branding efforts.

Always keep SEO in your strategy. And make sure you follow the best practices highlighted by Google. Never skip its basics as it will only result in your site getting penalized by the search engine giant.