Food Delivery: Another Way to Achieve Social Distancing 

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The last thing you need to read right now is another blog about how you need to wash your hands while singing “happy birthday,” or the importance of cleaning door knobs, that kind of thing. We thought we’d take a step away from digital marketing today to cover something that’s important for a lot of folks: food delivery options. This is one more way to achieve social distancing. 


After all, think of everything that goes into a trip to the supermarket: you have to make sure that you’re six feet from everyone, you don’t know who’s touched what, you’ll have to wipe it all down by the time you get home, and more. None of that is exactly conducive to staying safe. By that same token, neither is “not eating.” 


So, some members of the Website Depot staff have been experimenting with different food delivery options. Amazon Fresh seems to be not working for the San Fernando Valley (perhaps it’s working for others) but there are some other options that can go to your nearby supermarkets, such as Shipt. Of course, what they can’t do is make things at the supermarket appear. That means that you may end up having a lovely series of text conversations with a very dedicated shopper that largely consists of you saying: “well, give me the next best thing” (like happened to a member of our staff this morning). 


There are plenty of great local places that you can order food from that we’re proud to work with. A great example of this is Wood Silverlake. Like so many other places in California, they had to shut down their dine-in area. That hasn’t stopped them from having some truly busy, packed days. People still want to eat great pizzas, they just order it delivery or to pick up. 


This is a great way to have some delicious food, of course, but it’s also a solid way to help local businesses, too. While we’re very happy for Wood Silverlake and our other clients who are doing well as of now, a lot of local businesses are struggling. So, if you’re looking for something to eat other than all of the canned goods you hoarded, eating local is the way to go. 


Here’s to good eating, and good health! If you’d like to get your business in front of more people, we’re always glad to make it happen. You can give us a call at (888) 477-9540.