Hacks To Fast-Track Your SEO Results

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An effective SEO lets you be efficient with all the tasks at hand. It can help in avoiding repetitive tasks. With the help of SEO Expert Danny you can learn how to see the metrics you want. In this post, let us teach you some of the ways to fast-track your SEO results.

Use Google Analytics Add-On

At the start of the month, obtaining monthly reports can be a repetitive task. You need to check data from Google Analytics manually. But you can resolve it by automating this reporting. It won’t only save time, but it also ensures consistency and avoids mistakes. With the use of this add-on, you don’t need to log into your Google Analytics account. But make sure to configure the metrics you wish to pull and run the report. This tool reduces time in gathering data every month. You can just modify the date ranges at the start of the month and allow the API collect and apply segments and metrics that you need.

Improve internal linksFast-Track Your SEO Results

Internal linking is one of the ways to improve ranking in search engine. Unfortunately, not all site owners take advantage of it. There are tools out there that can discover internal linking opportunities so you can quickly distribute link equity to target your landing page. Here at SEO Expert, we recommend our clients to improve their site’s internal links. Large companies may have a hard time in finding internal linking opportunities. But, again, some tools can do that automatically. These tools can crawl your entire site and give you URLs that utilize the keyword you provide.

Know the different keyword combinations

Google has an improved entity recognition so it can understand the topic of a page. With its language processing, it allows Google to group keywords and understand their meaning. That said, it’s vital that you know your core keywords and their related terms. However, keyword research can be intimidating. But you can use a tool that lets you add words to columns and merge every keyword combination of the terms you input. Then, use Google Keyword Planner to find out which of those terms are the most searched.

Identify changes on a global level

Page-level recommendations are beneficial, but they’re tedious. They also lead to a reduced return when optimizing a site page-by-page. That said, it’s ideal to look for global changes. It means you need to make site wide improvements to impact thousands of pages. You can do so by tweaking your title tag, so it includes important words, modifiers, and phrases that people search for. Then, identify those errors found in the website template. Call our SEO expert for help to do so at (213) 322-0770.