Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

Facebook has evolved and become an effective marketing platform. It’s a powerful tool to promote your online business. But are Facebook ads worth it? The average cost of Facebook ads is around $0.27. For 1000 impressions, you’ll need to pay $5.95. But we all know that the cost per click data won’t tell you the real value of Facebook advertising. You still need to know whether those clicks turn into conversions or sales. What ROI can you expect from this type of social media marketing? No matter how cheap the clicks are if they don’t produce revenue for your business, it’s still not worth it.

For that reason, most businesses and Internet marketers opt to use Google Adwords. Even though the platform’s average click is $2.32, it can provide better conversions than Facebook ads. Keep in mind that in online marketing, profit always matters more than the cost. However, if the cost-per-conversion of $30 is enough for you, then Facebook advertising might be an excellent fit for your business. However, if it seems high, then this marketing approach isn’t for you.

To know whether or not a Facebook campaign is worth it for your brand, you need to know your expected return-on-ad-spend. For example, if you receive $4.75 of revenue each time you spend $1 on Facebook, it can be considered as a profitable campaign. In other words, no matter how cheap the CPC is on Facebook, it still won’t matter if it doesn’t meet your expected ROI.

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Are Facebook Ads Worth it?

Should you try Facebook advertising?

Facebook offers an effective Internet marketing platform. It doesn’t just offer cheap clicks, but it can help you drive high-quality clicks if you set up an adequate campaign that can produce real value for your business.

This platform still offers a profitable approach to promote your business online. Furthermore, you don’t need to spend a lot just to know if this method works for your business.

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