Everyone Agrees: User Experience is Critical 

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It’s impossible to overstate the importance of user experience

If anything, it’s actually becoming even more important. 

A well-accepted definition of “User Experience” states that it “encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interactions with the company, its services, and its products.” 

So, user experience is only everything that has to do with your company and what you offer. 

In many ways, it’s what your customers will remember. 

It will be what they associate with your company. Sure, if you have not-the-best experience and your services or products are great, they’ll probably come back. 

However, why take that chance? 

Recent news stories have shown just how important this can be. 


Customers Believe User Experience is Important…

A survey conducted by Euromonitor International found that “improving the customer journey and user experience” was more important to travelers than “providing information and advice to travelers about COVID-19.” 

Think about that. 

In the midst of a global pandemic, customers found that improving customer/user experience was more relevant than getting information about what’s causing the pandemic. 

Remember, these “customers” aren’t just “customers” in the sense of “someone who goes to a store and buys a product.” Rather, they’re travelers responding to a survey about traveling. So, even with the knowledge that they would be at risk from the virus, they would rather someone boost the experience. 

Now, obviously, opinions can differ here. Perhaps some people who answered that way on the survey didn’t see the pandemic as all that big a deal, or something similar. Also, the survey does not suggest that you suddenly cancel or stop all of your messaging and marketing around the pandemic so as to tell your customers how you’ve devoted everything to improve the user experience. 

But, these findings do powerfully show just how critical it is to your business to provide a great user experience. More than just customers believe in the importance of user experience. 


… As Does Google 

At this point, we probably don’t have to tell you about the importance of ranking highly on Google. You know that’s critical. Moreover, you know that it’s important to do so on mobile as well. 

Well, as this article states, “an update to Google Chrome will highlight certain pages with a ‘fast page’ label. This is determined based on whether they provide a good user experience.” 

This will be part of Chrome 85 on Android. The article goes on to say that “only a small percentage of websites are optimized well enough to pass a Core Web Vitals assessment.” 

Having Google says that your website is a “fast page” will let people know that your site is “fast, responsive, and stable.” 

That’s the kind of site that can provide a great user experience. 


A Site for Your Users 

One of the many ways we help our clients is through web design. We can help construct a website that meets these benchmarks and any others. As more and more people do business online, they want an easy, simple, and fast experience. That’s the kind of business they’ll turn to again and again. 

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