The End of Google Instant

More and more people are using their mobile devices to search for anything on the net. That’s why Google wants to make sure that their search experience is better than their desktop’s. As the company continues to prioritize mobile devices, it decides the end of Google Instant. This feature allows users to see search results as they type a query. It was first introduced in 2010 by Marissa Mayer. At that time, Marissa was still the VP of Google’s search and user experience.

But, as we have observed, there are significant differences in how we look at searches now. Most of the search queries now are happening on mobile devices. Unfortunately, Google has to retire Google Instant on mobile because it doesn’t provide the kind of experience that Google wants.

Details about the end of Google Instant

According to the company, it launched the feature to offer its users the information they need as quickly as possible. But because more of the searches they receive are happening no mobile, they need to focus on other ways to make their search experience faster and fluid on any devices. Google Instant is not the same as auto-complete. That said, suggestions will stop to pop-up in the menu when you’re typing a search query. When Google ends the said feature, the suggested question will no longer provide results in real time unless you complete your query.

The decision of Google makes sense though considering how small our screen is when we type in our search query using our mobile device. Loading the search results in real time won’t offer excellent user experience when you’re on mobile. The feature, however, is helpful when you’re on a desktop. That’s why it can be frustrating to know that it’ll have to go.

The End of Google Instant

How does it affect SEO?

By removing Instant Search, you’ll no longer see results loading automatically as you type your query in the search bar using Google’s homepage. But, as mentioned earlier, you’ll still see the suggested questions in the drop-down menu. This feature is always useful as it can help you save time when searching.

The company continues to improve its search engine to enhance user experience when getting information. Google also announced a few weeks ago that it updated its feed to customize the information you want to see.

As for the SEO of your website, Google Instant’s fate will make sure that your site will have better chances of being exposed.

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