Effective, Not-That-Hard-to-Follow Content Marketing New Year’s Resolutions

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“Lose weight.” 

“Work out more.” 

“Eat right.” 

“Start writing that novel/screenplay/story. Just do a little bit each day.” 

Yes, it’s the time for New Year’s Resolutions. 

The first Monday back from the holidays is a time of hope, optimism, and coffee. 

If you’re like so many of us, you’ve made resolutions in the past, only to eventually fall away from them. Or, you set plenty of them, and maybe followed through on one or two. Alternatively, you may have given up on resolutions entirely. 

The best “resolutions,” the ones that affect the most lasting change, are the ones that you can fit seamlessly into what you’re already doing. 

A “resolution” doesn’t have to be some big dramatic change. Instead, it could be a recommitment to something you’ve done in the past but maybe got away from.  Our website SEO service can help (among other services). 



Simple First Steps 


That’s how you should treat any Monday. 

This is particularly true for one after a holiday. 

Whether you’re working in an office or remotely, you know how it is: moving slowly, at best. Even the most conscientious, motivated employee at the highest of caffeine levels can take a minute to truly get up to speed. 

It makes a lot of sense to start with work that’s easier. Something you can get done quickly and competently, so that you can get a “win under your belt,” so to speak. Motivated by that, you can then move on to something more challenging. 

The same logic applies to New Year’s resolutions in regards to your content. 

Maybe here, right now in January, it’s not the time to speak in an entirely new voice, to radically revamp anything. 

By emphasizing some fundamentals, you could improve your content that way. 

For example, make sure to have links from domains with the highest of authority. Recommit making sure your content is both up to date and updated often. 

When you do show your work, show your work that’s a real showcase for your expertise. 

If you’re thinking “that sounds kind of familiar,” it is. 

That’s all taken, more or less, from Google’s “EAT” concept. 

As we’ve all (certainly in the case of myself) done more than enough “e-a-t-ing” in the last couple of weeks, in this context, it’s “experience, authority, and trustworthiness.” 

That’s part of how they rank pages higher. 

If you haven’t followed all of those guidelines “to a T,” then now’s a good time to get back to that. 



Fewer “Resolutions” and More “Good Habits” 


Odds are, you already have some pretty good ideas about how to boost your business as well as your content marketing in the new year. 

It’s just a question of doing them. 

To return to the analogy of dieting/eating right in 2021, you probably already have a good idea of how to do so. Eating fewer calories, getting the right amount of protein, staying away from deeply unhealthy foods, exercising more, mixing weights and cardio – you know these things. Maybe you’ve done them before but stopped, or you’re starting anew. 

The same goes for your content. 

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