Drug Rehab Marketing Strategies You Need to Know

drug rehab marketing strategies
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Does it feel like all of the alcohol and drug rehab marketing strategies that you’ve tried don’t quite work? Are you looking for something that’s new to you as well as proven to be effective? You should be marketing your alcohol and drug rehab facility. You offer a service that can genuinely improve the quality of people’s lives, to help them live how they want to. That said, you don’t want to waste money or time trying to find the best way to do so, either. Below are some rehab marketing strategies that have worked for our clients. 

drug rehab marketing strategies

Many Different Kinds of Top Quality Content 

Well-written blogs, with plenty of value, can be very effective. They can show those looking for a rehab (as well as those who love them) that you know exactly what you’re talking about, that you can provide services, that you can help, and so much more. That said, blogs alone are not a “content marketing strategy,” not by themselves. Instead, they can be part of a very effective content marketing strategy, when utilized properly. 

Of course, you know that the blogs should be fully-optimized, in terms of meta titles, meta tags, on-page optimization, and all of that. However, you also want to create landing pages, too. Having a landing page for every service that you offer for every region that you tend to draw admits from is a great strategy. Thus, if you are a drug and rehab center in Los Angeles, you may want to have pages such as “detox in Sherman Oaks,” “alcohol rehab in Silver Lake,” and so forth. 

That said, you’ll also want more than just written content on your site, too. Infographics can work wonders (particularly about the efficacy of certain treatments, statistics about substance abuse and recovery, etc). “How-To Guides,” covering how to prepare for treatment, what to expect in treatment, and so forth can help in many ways. Not the least of which: providing information for those who haven’t made a final decision about which rehab to go to (or whether or not to go to rehab) yet. Podcasts can provide a human connection, as can videos.

drug rehab marketing strategies

A Word About Videos 

Videos are an important component of any facility’s content marketing strategy. That said, they can be so effective they can become their own strategy, too. For example, many successful detox and rehab treatment centers have a thriving Youtube channel, chock full of videos that detail the care they offer, how they offer it, with footage of the amenities and staff. 

Beyond that, testimonial videos can be a very, very effective strategy. Getting video testimonials, no matter how brief, of those you’ve helped on the journey of recovery, can be powerful indeed. Additionally, getting your staff on camera talking about how they help people (or how treatment has worked for them) can help a lot, too. 

You don’t have to limit your videos to testimonials, of course. Having videos about how someone can talk to a family member who’s struggling with addiction but hasn’t faced that yet, whether a person would be better served by residential treatment or an IOP, and so forth – those are the kinds of informative videos that really have something to teach folks. Moreover, when the time comes for them to decide on a facility, those can make it all the more likely that they’ll choose yours. 

Another important factor to keep in mind when it comes to your videos: if there are any comments or questions, answer them. Many folks are shy, to put it mildly, about reaching out to a detox and rehab treatment facility. Responding to any comment makes it more likely for them to reach out again. 


PPC, pay-per-click ads can be one of the best, most effective ways to drive folks to your website. However, these ads can also be one of the best, most effective ways to lose money quickly. You want to make sure that your PPC strategy focuses on the keywords (as well as the regions) that matter to you. Indeed, you wouldn’t imagine how many of our treatment center clients have told us horror stories about previous SEO campaigns getting phone calls for their treatment center from countries across the world as opposed to people in need across the street. 

The idea behind the ads is simple. You place an ad and then, you’ll pay Google for every time someone clicks on it. Some keywords, the more popular ones, are far, far more expensive than others. Thus, your goal is to “split the difference,” so to speak. You want to pay for the keywords that are going to drive the most conversions but cost the least. If you pay for keywords that no one clicks on, you probably won’t make much money. However, if you shell out for the biggest keywords, you may not be able to make up that difference in money, either. 

To be able to utilize Google Ads, however, beyond needing that effective strategy, you also have to have LegitScript Certification. Without that, Google won’t let you enter the Google Ads marketplace. This is one more area where you’d be best served by working with professionals who have helped treatment centers in the past. 

drug rehab marketing strategies

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Marketing Strategies Experts 

The above are just some of the more fundamental strategies that our rehab center clients have utilized. The truth is that there are many, many others that would build on top of these. We’re currently offering customized SEO plans for detox and rehab facilities. The goal is to be able to offer a plan for treatment centers of every size. That said, each of our plans really can be tailored to the specific needs of your facility. For a free consultation with our experts about how our alcohol and drug rehab marketing strategies can help, call (888) 477-9540.