Driving More eCommerce Sales With Low Marketing Budget

Driving More eCommerce Sales With Low Marketing Budget

eCommerce market continues to expand. The majority of Americans prefer online shopping. That’s why it’s the best market for your business. They visit online stores more than they go to brick-and-mortar stores. But with the popularity of eCommerce, it means that you have vast numbers of competitors who are also trying to attract the same customers as you. Without a marketing and advertising budget, it makes it difficult for you to drive eCommerce sales. But don’t worry. We’ll teach you how to drive more sales without having to spend your money on advertising and marketing.

Use the social media to drive sales

Notably, you should consider Pinterest. Although you may think that Pinterest is not better than Facebook, Pinterest is a fantastic platform if you wish to drive more sales to your eCommerce site. The social media has a new feature called Buyable Pins that can help eCommerce owners in getting more sales. The feature is an excellent addition to Pinterest that can surely help a website to new levels. Put your products on Pinterest as Buyable Pins, and your sales will come in fast.Driving More eCommerce Sales With Low Marketing Budget

Provide more checkout options

Some eCommerce sites don’t have a lot of checkout options. That is, they only accept credit card payments. It’s bad news for you because not all potential clients want to use their credit cards when purchasing online. Thus, you need to widen your checkout options to help your sales. In that case, you should consider adding PayPal to your site to increase your checkout conversion rate up to 70 percent. PayPal is more preferred by many because they don’t have to type in their credit card number.

Email potential buyers who abandoned their carts

When people go to your site, they add a product to their cart. However, that doesn’t mean that they will buy immediately. Some of them will abandon their cart. Thus, your game plan here is to use cart abandonment email method. One of the reasons it’s useful is that people tend to forget things. You can bring back your customers and improve chances of getting sales fast with no effort and without spending on advertising. There are different ways to use cart abandonment emails. And SEO Expert, Danny, will teach you some of those effective ways to bring back your customers to your site and entice them to complete the checkout process. Call our team at (213) 322-0770 or  (855) 605-7361