Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce with Google’s Shipping and Return Annotations

Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce

Recently, Google adds another useful feature to its search results page. The feature will help searchers know if you are running special promos, like free shipping and return deals. But how can you take advantage of it? With the help of SEO LA company of course.

SEO LA Agency Driving Traffic and Boosting Sales

Perhaps, you already know the advantages of optimizing your site for the search engine. But with the recent update of Google, you can drive more traffic to your site by taking advantage of the new feature. However, this is only available if you are using Google Shopping. If you’re not using it yet, then you’re missing out a lot. But don’t worry. If you team up with our SEO Expert Danny, our team will utilize such a feature to your advantage.


Product Listings in Search Results

The launch of the new product listing is useful since holidays are coming very soon. Google launched it to target holiday searchers and buyers. As early as August, people have already started searching for holiday gift ideas.

US holiday shoppers said that they are going to shop online more, considering the pandemic. Many of them are going to shop earlier so they won’t face the risk of the items they wish to buy running out of stock.

To take advantage of that trend, you should use the new shipping annotations in Google Shopping. With it, you can show your customers that you’re providing speedy shipping or free shipping. For instance, you can add “get it by Dec 24.”

Criteria to Meet for SEO LA

There are requirements before you can use the additional shipping remarks for your listings. For one, you need to have an active Merchant Center account. You must have active web conversion tracking in your account, as well. When you meet those criteria, you can start creating your shopping listings and include the details about your return and refund policies.

Purchase Decisions

Although this new feature is useful, there’s no assurance that your listing will appear in Google search results. This is why SEO is a vital part of your strategy this upcoming holidays to grab the attention of holiday buyers. Our SEO team in LA will write thorough, vivid product descriptions and include eye-catching photos of your products. We ensure that your site is SEO-optimized so your products will appear when people search for them.

We also include return indications. They are vital because they can help in gaining more trust in your company. Your potential customers will know if they get a refund should they return it in a certain time frame. Before the holiday rush comes, you must take advantage of the fact that many shoppers are already looking for items to buy for their loved ones this holiday. Use our SEO LA service to help your company stand out this holiday season. Contact us to know more about our services: (855) 605-7361.