Don’t Forget to Have Fun, Too: Putting A Sense of Joy in Your Marketing

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“During these uncertain times…” 

“In this unprecedented era….” 

“We’re all struggling right now…” 

How many commercials, emails, voiceovers, and more have you heard starting with something similar? 

Acknowledging the difficulty of this moment is important. 

Pretending that everything is fine would be off-putting at best. 

But, if you’re really looking for your online marketing to connect to as many potential customers as possible, you can’t just focus on struggle. 

Only showing the challenges can be too limiting. 

When thinking about how to solve your customers’ problems, you can provide so much more than just emphasizing dilemmas. 

Moreover, you can do this while staying true to your core ideals. 


The Opposite of Worry 


If you’re like me, you’ve probably faced all kinds of concerns and worries during the last so many months that you never had before. 

Also, you may have had moments where you, well, just didn’t have those worries. That’s not to say that you solved them and they went away. But rather, you got distracted. Perhaps you read or saw something particularly funny, or maybe you just began to daydream. 

The point is that these moments where you’re transported away from your worries are important. They’re important for you, the small business owner, of course, but they’re important to your customers as well. 

You can put that into your marketing. Additionally, you can do it without great expense, like commissioning a drone video shoot of a palatial estate in the tropics or something. 

Here’s a great example. 

This cosmetics company was successful in reaching its potential customers through quizzes. 

You’d click, fill out on an online quiz, and get a fun answer. The company would get more info about you. It was a win-win for everyone, so to speak. 

Then, the pandemic hit. 

Unlike other forms of marketing, the quizzes continued to be successful. 

Sure, some of the questions may have changed, the focus may have shifted, but the quizzes themselves brought in new customers while collecting data. 

We’re not saying that your company has to incorporate a quiz into their marketing or anything like that. 

But, I am saying that it could behoove you to work in something fun. 


Heart and Human Spirit 


The other side of struggle is perseverance. 

When someone’s going through a tough time, it’s important to remember that they’re “going through.” That means forward movement, that they’re trying to improve things. 

If possible, you can incorporate that, too. 

A video every few weeks about how someone at your company is living their life. Highlighting some of the fun things that people can do with your goods, products, or services that the layperson might not know about. Silly videos about people singing songs – (remember how many videos there were at the height of the pandemic with medical professionals dancing in hospitals?) 

This may seem frivolous, but it’s actually the opposite. 

Highlighting having fun shows why we’re doing all we can to go through “these uncertain times.” 

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