Domain registration and hosting

Domain Registration and Hosting
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As much as many customers register domain names to create websites, they may not be aware of anything to do with creating websites and it’s for this reason that many companies do offer hosting services for their mutual customers. In order to understand domain registration and hosting, we ought to understand few things that ranges from registration, cost and hosting of a website.

To begin with, we ask ourselves who to register? In this perception, it is evident that a large number of businesses that offer domain name registration in turn, also offer web hosting. In order to do this many choices are offered in terms of money saving. It is better for another company different from the company you are using for domain registration to do the hosting needs for you. As this is largely associated with competition amongst companies that perform the same services. So it’s rather cheaper if a company can find a separate business that can offer services of lower prices. However, if the cost is not an issue and what the company is looking forward to is convenience, then the best option is to do all the needs with the same company this is because if you have any problem with your website then you only need to contact one particular company rather than multiple to avoid multiple transactions. 122_resized_page_250_251_0_0_1

On the side of cost, the prices charged for these products and services are not constant as they can charge you anything they wish. This is rather expensive and therefore it is now the person’s duty to look at different companies and the amount they charge for the domain registration and hosting. This is to avoid over payment.

After the registration of the domain names you will have to acquire the services of a web hosting company. Web hosting is a service provided to the general public by companies who host, or act as a middleman, for the web pages of individuals or small and medium sized businesses for a low rate. The host acts as a gateway to the World Wide Web in order to have web pages made available globally and provides disk storage space on a server for use by the customer. It is well known that there includes two types of web hosting services. There are those web hosting services which provide pre-installed software and those that provide the manual install software.

We will be discussing about the two types of hosting software. The advantage of those companies that offer manual install software is that the company will not hesitate in allowing you to develop your website. The worst thing about this type of hosting is that you will have to aide by their rules at all times. You will not have any other choice other than coping with their rules. Before anything else, you will have to download the hosting software then install the downloaded software onto the hosting provider’s server. This is not the case with those companies providing the pre-installed software.