Does your web design need a redesign?

Web Design Need a Redesign
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Does your web design need a redesign? This is a question that no website designer or owner wants to hear. It means more time in the process for the designer and for the owner, it is costly. It is either costly through having to spend more in the re-design process or missing incoming conversions. However, at the end of the day, it is a work event. If your site does not meet the right design, it is better to carry out a re-design rather than continue to miss potential customers because as the saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine. Therefore, better save the nine than pay the ten.

Why could your site’s design need a re-design?

The first reason why you will need a redesign is if your site is not responsive. Over the past few years, it has become clear that we cannot ignore mobile version of websites. Mobile sites are becoming the most accessed. On the other hand, as a SEO expert or website owner, you can overlook the impact of mobile traffic, with prospect that it will be growing over the near future. With the difficulties of having a separate mobile site, responsive site is the best alternative. If your website design is unresponsive, then you will need to redesign it to meet responsive guidelines.Web Design Need a Redesign

The second redesign why you will need a redesign is if your site visitors are diminishing gradually. In marketing, one of the strategies to bring back a brand is through redesign. Website is your business number one and 24/7/365 salesman. If customers become used to this “salesman” and no longer get appeal, they will start to gradually drift off. A redesign is important to attract customers. Moreover, a redesign is an opportunity to address any other reason visitors might have and is causing them to move out.

The third reason a redesign will be inevitable is when you don’t seem to rank or your ranking is diminishing. One question you need to ask yourself is; do even search engines know you exist with that aged out design? With time, SEO requirements change. If you don’t give your site a retouch, you will end up with your site being not SEO-friendly.  In addition, the keywords you have used in your site will soon get outdated as new ones come up. To remain top or at least among the first seven on SERP, you need a redesign periodically.

Forth, you will need a redesign if your site is loading slowly. Actually, in practical matters, this is the first reason you will need a redesign. This is the case when your site is downloading so much info or it has several graphics or plug-ins, or widgets.  The sole aim of this redesign is to create a design with fewer and light contents.

There are a number of reasons why you will need a redesign, even for the basic reason of simply needing a redesign. To make the best out of a redesign, it is advisable that you consult with your SEO experts and establish the goals you need the redesign.