Does Your Attorney Website Need SEO?

attorney SEO

A large number of legal firms in the US have websites, but the  2020 ABA marketing and website report state that “Less than half of the legal firms…have a marketing budget”, and of those that do, over a third don’t know whether their budget has increased or decreased in 2019. This reflects the general attitude towards marketing of many attorney teams and law firms, with the smaller companies not only not having a marketing staff but also having no marketing budget. As the internet becomes an increasingly popular reference point for many looking for legal assistance, many law firms are realizing that they need professional assistance with their websites and that the right attorney SEO team can help them to get the attention they want. Website Depot Inc. explains why SEO is so essential to legal websites.

Reaching Out Through A Website

The majority of Americans are online, and there is a much greater chance of clients finding suitable law firms through Google as opposed to local phone book searches. However, not all websites are the same, and attorneys may be losing customers by not having enough marketing budget to get the attention of potential clients. Although not every client will find a legal team via the internet if the website and its SEO is not up to scratch then lead opportunities are likely to be diminished. So the firm will be losing potential clients, which can be a serious issue. The website is also there to allow clients to review the firm, as most people seeking legal help look for recommendations from previous clients.

Needing More Than A Website

While building the website is a great start, the majority of legal teams will need more than this to reach the client base they want. In most cases, this will mean that it is important to get help with SEO. There are several reasons why this will help the website to reach the clients needed. SEO helps to drive suitable clients towards the relevant website, so if they are looking for family attorneys, SEO will help them to find a suitable firm, and if they are looking for personal injury teams, again SEO will be able to connect them with the right team. SEO is there to show clients that the website is reliable and safe to use, to overcome rival websites by being more prominent or interesting, and by targeting some keywords can find clients that other law firms might overlook. However, SEO can take a great deal of effort in order to produce the right results, and this is where most companies need to hire an external SEO agency to help them.