Does Word Count Still Matter to SEO?

Does Word Count Still Matter to SEO

Word count on SEO isn’t a ranking factor. But it was before. The top strategies for SEO shift as Google update its algorithm regularly. You may have talked to SEO experts who offer you ways to improve your site’s ranking and that includes improving the word count range. But as John Mueller said, word count isn’t a ranking factor for its search algorithm. 

Why Some SEO Experts Are Obsessed with Word Counts? 

Indeed, Google doesn’t consider word count as a ranking factor. However, when you look into the posts that rank higher on Google, you’ll find that articles with longer word count rank higher than posts with shorter word counts. Furthermore, many SEO tools suggest lower word counts to improve ranking indirectly. 

Know What Your Page is About 

With longer content, though, Google can figure out what your post or page is about. Furthermore, in-depth pieces can position you as an authority on the subject. As a result, it helps you rank for long-tail keywords. But every topic is different. 

How Long Should Your Content Be? 

There are no specific rules to follow when it comes to word count. Instead, choose to carry out keyword research and study your competition. However, if you choose to write longer content, it’s likely to rank in the top for multiple keywords. Furthermore, longer-form content also lets you cover a topic from different angles. In essence, the longer the word count is, the higher the chance of ranking better for long-tail variations of a certain keyword, which has lower competition but higher conversion rates. 

The Essence of the Post 

However, just because a higher word count can likely put the post on top of the search result, it doesn’t mean that you write a 2,000-word post with no sense. Always remember that Google knows whether your page makes sense or not by looking into various rankings. And one of them is how long the searcher stays on your post. If the searcher stays on your site for more than 2 minutes, it could mean one thing — he/she likes the content. It could also mean that he/she has found other topics on your site that he/she likes. 

Thus, it’s vital to write long-form content that makes sense. If you think that a long-form post is better then, by all means, make it longer. However, if the post calls for a shorter version, then don’t write a 2500-word post if you can write a better one in 800 words. 

Search Intent

It’s also useful to know the word count of the post by paying attention to search intent. It helps you define what makes content relevant to the user. Always think about your target audience. If the content requires comprehensive information, then exceed your competitor’s word count. Or you can just create shorter content because your audience wants a quick answer. 

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