Does an SEO Consultant Recommend Long Content?

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Content is vital in search engine optimization. It improves the value of your site while it helps in optimizing certain keywords. Although content is imperative in SEO, it doesn’t always necessarily mean you need longer content. What matters here is the quality. If you’re not sure what kind of content to publish for your website, consider talking to an SEO consultant. Keep in mind that every site is different. Optimization is also different. 

Does an SEO Consultant Believe Search Engines Favor Long Content? 

In this study, researchers found that content with more than 1,000 words receives more shares and links. When you consider that information, you can say that if you wish to generate links and shares, then long-form content is the way to go. 

So, do search engines favor long-form content? It’s vague. Google, for one, didn’t state that it’s looking for a certain word count to evaluate a site’s authority. But there are clues that search engines, including Google, favor long content over shorter ones. 

Visitors Stay on the Page Longer 

Another reason many people think that long-form content is useful for SEO is that it allows users to stay on a page for a lot longer. And the dwell time impacts search rankings. The longer users stay on your page, the higher its ranking will be. A longer form of content takes longer to read and digest. Thus, it encourages users to stay longer. 

Provide More facts 

When you write longer content, you can cite more facts and address more issues. You can also include more stats. All of these can attract links. If site owners read your content and consider it worth citing, they are going to link to that page. And we all know incoming links are vital to SEO. 

In addition to facts and stats, longer-form content can cover more details about a certain topic. Your post will be more comprehensive and it can cover other subtopics in greater depth. As it can cover a wide range of topics, it has better chances of being considered a definite guide. And many site owners look for such kind of topic as their sources. 

However, just because it seems that long-form content is favored by search engines, it doesn’t mean that you focus on writing long-form content, even if it’s not necessary. If you look at the average SERP, the top entries have different word counts. Some pages on top of the SERP tend to have less than 1,000 words. Others have several thousand words. 

SEO Isn’t Straightforward

It only goes to show that SEO isn’t straightforward. you need to explore more and find that length that works for your industry. In that case, it doesn’t necessarily mean that if you have long-form content, it will get a higher ranking than short-form content with a similar topic. You need to experiment with the length to find the right mix. Talk to an SEO consultant today to help you choose the length of content you need to write and publish to achieve better rankings. Call SEO Expert Danny today at (855) 605-7361.