Does a Form of Marketing Ever Truly Die? 

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“Is Influencer Marketing Really Going to Die in the Next Few Years?” 

“Is Traditional Marketing Dead?” 


Seemingly every week or so, there’s another article about marketing, in one form or another, “is dead.” 

It makes sense why folks would think that. 

Practically every couple of months, there’s a new marketing platform. 

It stands to reason that, as more are made, some are destroyed. 

However, at our top ranked SEO company, we’ve found that nothing ever really “dies.” Rather, some forms of marketing are emphasized less. 

No matter what, skills from one form of marketing can translate to another. 



The Pandemic and the Cycle 


When the pandemic first hit, our CEO Danny Star said something that stuck with me. 

More or less, it was: “the digital age is here. It might have been a few years off, but this accelerates it.” 

As you can see, so many companies put more emphasis on their digital marketing than ever before. 

This made sense. 

Most folks are spending more time indoors, on their computers, phones, etc. So, they’d be less likely to come into contact with billboards, bus stop ads, and the like. 

(Indeed, as you may have noticed, there were plenty of “marketing is dead” articles around the pandemic’s onset.) 

Now that the world is opening up in many places (particularly here in LA), you see more folks taking advantage of traditional marketing. 

Billboards, bus stop ads, and more are back in vogue. After all, folks are getting outside, traveling, and so forth. 

Now, does that mean that we recommend our clients take their money out of digital marketing and put all of it on bus stop ads? 

Of course not. 

Digital marketing is still the main priority. 

Whenever someone says “a marketing form is dead,” what they usually mean is “it may not be as potent as it is right now.” 

Alternatively, they could mean “it’s not going to grow its reach.” 

Much of what we do for our clients is to help them balance their marketing. Putting the right kind of emphasis on which platforms, at what times and in what ways is a crucial marketing skill. 



Skills that Translate 


Even if something does “go away/fade in relevance” odds are you’ll learn something important from it. 

There are skills that translate no matter what. 

Value is value. 

That’s true across platforms. 

I was thinking of that when I read this write up from Search Engine Journal. 

One of the higher-ups at Google was asked, basically, if Google’s search algorithms check “spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes, taking into account the search ranking?” 

John Mueller’s answer is fascinating. He takes a moment to get to the main point, which is: “… from my point of view, if you’re aware of those kinds of issues I would just fix that. I would almost say… like… spelling and grammar is probably for most websites a higher priority than broken HTML.” 

So, grammar, spelling, and quality writing are important in any form of marketing. 

A company that excels at one kind of marketing will, in all likelihood, be able to excel with another. 

Anything can repurposed. An old blog post can be made into a tweet, a podcast, a video, or even just a segment of a podcast or video.

Excellence is rarely limited to just one platform. 

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