Do You Still Need SEO When Your Social Media Page is Ranking Well?

Social Media Page is Ranking Well image

The short answer to it is “yes.” Despite the many benefits of a social media page, you still need to implement search engine optimization. However, these days, you can’t only have one. That is, you must have both a social media page and a website for a better search engine ranking.

Social media have its own algorithm. The content that you see doesn’t just appear at random. Instead, it appears based on several factors that can personalize the content that people want to see on their feeds. Then, when Facebook announced that it’s going to remove those inactive likes from individual business pages, a lot of brands were affected and suffered significant losses. So, if your business depends on social media, you must not overlook the importance of SEO.

Furthermore, search engines have limitations when performing a social media crawl. It means that Google, for example, can’t crawl all pages on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Some social networking sites would even block them from crawling those pages. Thus, Google and other search engines don’t like signal sets that have big holes in them.

It’s also important to remember that Google doesn’t use social signals for search ranking. However, the social signal may influence search ranking if it can be sure that the signal is of high quality.

Social Media Page is Ranking Well

If Google can’t completely crawl social networking sites, it’s inevitable that it can miss a lot of data to do an accurate evaluation. Problems can also arise because social sites are volatile. It means that their numbers and relationships can change. The bots of Google, for example, don’t revisit the page for some time. If there are changes made to your social media page, they might not be crawled immediately.

Another reason you must still use SEO is that Google has little confidence when it comes to social signals. The reason for this is that social signals can be difficult to establish an identity.

Google also recommends that social media must only be used to build a brand or drive high-quality traffic, but it must not be used for search rankings. For now, however, social media traffic doesn’t count much on search engine rankings. Then again, combining social media and a website can help develop trust and authority while bringing traffic to your websites. These are all factors that must be considered for your online digital marketing.