Do You Consider Yourself An SEO Expert? Here’s How to Know

Do You Consider Yourself An SEO Expert Heres How to Know

These days, not everyone can be considered to be real, legitimate SEO experts. Even if you have sufficient enough knowledge to back it up, digital marketing is a cutthroat, highly-competitive industry. Getting the recognition and props could be challenging, but there are several factors to consider. 

Now, there isn’t a cut-and-dried formula to become an SEO expert. But generally, here are some things to consider.

Having a Comprehensive Understanding of How Search Engines Work

What you knew about search engines ten years ago is vastly different from how things actually are today. For one, Google has since smartened up to recognize a well-crafted piece of content that is work pulling up the rankings. If keyword stuffing is still your primary strategy in 2022, you may want to consider changing things up. 

But in terms of knowing how search engines work, you should have a comprehensive understanding of the basics. At the very least, you should know its three main functions. Crawling, for one, is a search engine’s way of scouring cyberspace for quality content. This is done by going through a site’s URL and codes, which is why it is important that these, too, are optimized. It also helps to constantly update pieces of content, even just through photos. 

Then you have indexing. It’s the way a search engine organizes and stores content. The index is the large database which contains all the produced pieces of content, whether it be blogs, videos, or infographics. All of these have already been deemed worthy of being ranked. 

Lastly, you have ranking, which is self-explanatory. And as we all know, the higher a site is ranked, the more relevant it is deemed by a search engine. 

By knowing these three functions on a deep level, you get to craft a better strategy for your content creation and marketing plans. 

Knowing the Different SEO Strategies

After knowing how search engines work, it also pays to know the important SEO strategies to ensure effectiveness. For this one, you’ll also need to know three main tactics, the first one being technical SEO. This one involves doing an inventory on bugs and fixing them. These include broken links or site map errors.

The second strategy is keyword research. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but it involves a deep analysis of keyword data to have a better idea of what your audience is looking for. Search intent and relevance should be your utmost priority here. 

Lastly, we have link building. By adding both internal and external links to your blog posts, you boost and solidify your site’s authority. From there, you also strengthen the trust that readers already have. 

Being Adaptable to Changes

Experts, regardless of industry, all have one thing in common: adaptability. Whether or not they’re in a fast-changing niche, they’re able to make pivots when necessary. 

Search engines, for one, move at a fast-pace. That said, your strategies should also be flexible enough for when the time comes that you need to make some changes. 

Your checklists and regimented plans won’t work here. Instead, think outside the box always and find new ways to stand out and move at the same rapid pace. 

Work With a Respected SEO Expert

Whether or not you’ve attained that “expert” level, it still pays to work with someone who has the experience and skill to boot. Danny Star, for one, is a great example, and he’d be able to impart new tricks and knowledge to further improve your SEO game. 

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