Directory Submission Advantages

Directory submission is basic in any type of SEO campaigns. Submitting your sites to human-edited directories can work wonders for your online marketing efforts.

Faster indexing is one of the great benefits of directory submission. In major search engines, your site will be crawled and indexed faster. If you receive links from high-quality directories, your site will get more pages indexed by major search engines.

 Directory Submission

Although this tactic is no longer considered as the number one way to improve your site’s page rank, Google still uses quality directories in calculating SERP and PageRank. Furthermore, the keywords and phrases in directories can give your site better-targeted rankings. Then, if the directories where you submit your site’s link are of high-quality, traffic to your site will improve. This quality traffic can have potential customers that are more likely to purchase your site’s products or services.

If you choose a director submission site with social media sharing tools, your links will be shared easily to various social media channels.

Load Fast

But before you even submit your site’s link to directories, it’s best that you check your site and improve its loading time. Some directories have their own human editors who check websites. If your site takes a few minutes to load, then your site won’t be accepted. That said, make sure that your site loads faster before you even submit it.

Then, ensure that your site has the essential information available up front. This means that when a visitor goes to your site, he/she doesn’t have to figure out what your site is all about. Avoid wasting your site’s space in showing meaningless animation.

In other words, you should make it straight to the point. This won’t only help the search engine in ranking your site but it will also help your customers and clients to better understand your website.

Choose the Right Category

Make sure that your site’s link is submitted under the right category. To do this, you must navigate through their categories and find out the exact category that your link should appear.

 Directory Submission

There are several directory submission websites online. It takes time to identify which ones are of high-quality. That said, it’s best to leave this job to an SEO agency. Most reputable SEO agencies utilize this type of strategy to enhance their clients’ sites. They know which sites can give your site an SEO juice.