Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

Digital Marketing Trends for
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2017 end is approaching and it’s good to foresee the digital marketing trends for 2018. Everything suggests that next year the customer relationship will evolve to an even deeper and more dynamic level of customized engagement than this year. Everything seems to revolve around customer’s experience and how to optimize and expand it.

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Mobile Devices Next Level

Everybody knows and understands today the importance of mobile devices in Digital Marketing. And everybody understands that not having a Responsive Web Design will make your website sink in SERPs. Now, it is important to know how the next generation interacts with brands through such devices. The challenge for the following year will be to find a balance between improving the apps and responsive websites and also using ecosystem strategies that go beyond the apps.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

Mobile customer experience needs to improve. In order to do so, it is necessary to create better multi-channel and multi-platform experiences. Marketers need to invest in better content and make the whole purchase experience as personalized as possible. Hand-in-hand with mobile devices comes voice activation. Customer experience is set to be voice-first next year. 2018 will be more about integrated, cross device digital customer experiences.

The rise of Blockchain

2017 was the year everybody started to wonder about what is cryptocurrency. And despite its increasing popularity, the challenges on this area for 2018 are not necessarily related to technology. The biggest concerns around blockchain are related to security, fraud management and identity verification. The resolution of these issues is crucial to consolidate digital currency as a major marketing tool.

There’s been too much misinformation and controversy about blockchain. For this reason, new cryptocurrency sites need go live and prove blockchain’s suitability for business in order to take off. The decentralized nature of blockchain and the restriction to data manipulation ensures its safety. 2018 will bring further development on this matter to increase interactions on blockchains and thus be competitive in the face of bigger systems.

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